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Severe (Chestnut-Fronted) Macaw

Charmingly carefree and also attractive, extreme macaws are the biggest of the tiny macaws. These birds load a bunch of personality into a smaller, easier-to-care-for package deal. They are also among the best talkers and delight in socializing with their individual flock.

Types Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Severe macaw, chestnut-fronted macaw, Brazilian environment-friendly macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME: Ara severa severa

GROWNUP SIZE: 15 to 20 ins, examining only under 1 extra pound

LONGEVITY: Can be actually expected to live for around 30 years, some also much longer

Beginning and History

The severe macaw is actually indigenous to southerly Central America and also northerly South America. There are actually also populations in Brazil, where the bird is actually frequently recognized as the Brazilian eco-friendly macaw.

In bush, the intense macaw delights in rainforests and environments of all kinds so long as trees are readily available. They usually favor regions that undergo stream flooding. It could be challenging to see them given that they appreciate roosting in tooth cavities high up in the trees.

Ranch fields give loads of food items for these birds. It is actually not uncommon to discover sizable, really loud flocks seeking the fields early in the early morning. These birds could be an annoyance for planters.

Serious macaws commonly gather at clay bits with a range of various other birds. These clay-based hills normally dued to erosion along shores are popular locations for several parrots. It’s believed that the clay supplements their diet plan, defending against poisons in their meals and providing essential minerals.


Certainly not reproduced in captivity just as long as other parrots, serious macaws have actually certainly not been totally tamed. They continue to exhibit a number of their impulses like shrilling and lunging. When mingled as a younger bird, they can come to be optimal family pets.

Comical and also pleasant, the intense macaw’s epic personality makes it a favorite amongst bird fanatics. Along with sufficient socializing, severe macaws connect swiftly along with their proprietors, reacting well to training, learning secrets, and boasting excellent pep talk abilities.

Severe macaws are actually likewise curious. They enjoy activities and problems as well as can become rapt by bright points. Keep your fashion jewelry unreachable; it may get unintentionally ruined.

One unique attribute that appears misplaced with this welcoming species is that they generally do not just like a great deal of touching. Quite often, they’re more content to become near their owner or on their shoulder, yet most of the times, this parrot carries out not like cuddling or even petting.

Like lots of parrots, serious macaws experience a bluffing stage as they get to maturation. This stage can last for pair of weeks or even up to 2 years. If you plan on getting a young macaw, you will require to become individual and also implement its own training in the course of prospective durations of lunging, nipping, nibbling, hissing, as well as standard resistance to interaction. For this reason, pre-adolescent macaws may not be suitable for loved ones with little ones.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Intense macaws are just one of the most effective talking parrots. A lot of these birds may talk to unusual quality, as well as their high-pitched vocal is actually pretty fun to listen closely to. They can likewise cultivate a substantial lexicon.

It is actually a very loud bird for its dimension and is known to contact out in the morning, dusk, as well as lunchtime. It is actually best to neglect excess screams rather than chasten the bird.

Serious Macaw Colors as well as Markings

Extreme macaws are mainly a shimmery green with dark, chestnut-colored patches on their foreheads as well as under their beaks. The crown of their head has a spot of iridescent blue plumes, as well as they bear unique reddish patches on the edges of their wings. The rear plumes are actually blue with reddish undersurfaces, which gleam when they’re in tour.

This types displays the traditional basic macaw facial patch. This bird also possesses fair, darkened plume pipes circling the eyes, which is one-of-a-kind among macaws.

The bird’s beak as well as feets are gray, and also the eye of their eyes is a wonderful yellow-gold. It’s a monomorphic bird, suggesting that the men as well as women are identical. To identify the sexual, your bird would certainly call for genetic screening or an operative sexing treatment.

Taking care of a Severe Macaw

While intense macaws are recognized to be very social, all parrots call for a certain quantity of instruction to ensure that the bird remains tame. Make certain that you at the very least 2 hours to devote along with your household pet on a daily basis.

Without socialization and also appropriate psychological stimulation, intense macaws can easily increase uninterested and depressed, which may lead to damaging behavior and also stress-related health problem.

Serious macaws may be exciting pet dogs, but they demand time as well as focused treatment that certainly not every person may provide. They thrive on loved ones time given that it duplicates the sensation of a flock, and, unlike a few other parrots, they don’t often tend to become strictly one-person birds.

Another factor to consider prior to you commit to this bird is the price of ownership. Aside from the first style for the bird, consider the avian vet costs, top quality feed, as well as the device prices for a cage, participate in position, as well as playthings.

Also for a smaller sized macaw, this bird needs to have a crate sized for a large macaw that is at least 5-feet high as well as 3-feet large and 2-feet long. These birds require area to extend their airfoils entirely as well as enough area to stir the crate without burden.

Common Health Problems

Extreme macaws are actually a sturdy varieties of macaw. They do not obtain sick frequently. If they were to be subjected to various other sick birds, they are at risk to proventricular dilation ailment (macaw wasting disease) and psittacosis (chlamydiosis or even parrot high temperature).

The key to a healthy and balanced bird is actually a well-thought-out diet plan, a normal exercise regimen, sanitary real estate disorders, nonstop sleeping in the evening, as well as everyday socializing with its human group.

If the bird feels ignored or even neglected, it may consider excess habits like plume plucking or loud screeching.

Diet plan and Nutrition

In bush, their diet consists of seeds, nuts, fruits, fresh leafy matter, and also florals. Nourish your extreme macaw a diverse diet regimen featuring high quality seed and also pellet mix as well as everyday offerings of fresh bird-safe vegetables and fruits.

Each macaw, depending on its own size, will eat regarding 1/2 to 3/4 mug of parrot mix as well as regarding 1/2 to 3/4 mug of fruits and veggie every day. The moment in the early morning upon waking as well as at twilight before it goes to rest, you may supply it.

Fruits that are good to nourish to macaws feature apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, mangos, papayas, and berries. Healthy veggies feature carrots, wonderful potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, and also leafy eco-friendlies. Certainly never supply rhubarb, chocolate, or avocado; these foods items are actually dangerous to birds. As a delight, provide almonds like macadamias, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and also pecans.

Physical exercise

Severe macaws could be smaller sized macaws, but they are all muscle. In the wild, an extreme macaw could fly many hundred miles a time seeking meals. It is actually necessary to supply adequate physical exercise for your pet dog to maintain a healthy physical body.

Family pet extreme macaws should be provided a minimum of two to four hrs leisure outside of their cage per day. This out-of-cage time will certainly enable the bird to flex its own muscle mass and exercise its wings as well as beak.

You ought to also supply your bird with a lot of toys. They are actually intelligent birds as well as are going to carefully appreciate any sort of problems or video games you can easily provide. To keep your bird boosted, revolve its own playthings usually, so it consistently feels like it possesses a brand new toy.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Severe Macaw

Investment an intense macaw coming from a reputable breeder or adoption firm. Get in touch with breeders to view if you may devote some opportunity along with them and also their birds.

Some on the web resources where you may discover severe macaw consist of:

  • Birds Now
  • Saving the Birds
  • Birds of Paradise

Ensure that the bird you intend to take home is alert, energetic, and also exhibits all the indicators of a healthy bird, including vivid eyes, clean plumes, and complete plants.

Eye-catching and agreeably easy-going, intense macaws are actually the most extensive of the tiny macaws. Intense macaws frequently gather together at clay licks along with a range of other birds. Extreme macaws are actually a durable types of macaw. If they were actually to be exposed to various other sick birds, they are vulnerable to proventricular dilation illness (macaw losing disease) as well as psittacosis (chlamydiosis or parrot fever).

Extreme macaws might be smaller sized macaws, but they are actually all muscle.