Catalina Macaw (Rainbow Macaw)

The Catalina macaw is a rainbow-colored hybrid parrot that is actually intended for the characteristics it shares with its own moms and dads-- two of the best well-liked macaw species. Its own flashy different colors make it extremely attractive for prospective parrot proprietors. It is frequently its own comical individuality, knowledge, and the potential to answer to training that secures the bargain.

Types Overview POPULAR NAMES: Catalina macaw, rainbow macaw

TAXONOMIC NAME: Hybrid Ara ararauna x Ara macao

GROWNUP SIZE: 35 inches, weighing 2 to 3 extra pounds

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 50 to 60 years

Source as well as History

This kind was actually developed through intercrossing a gold and also blue macaw along with a scarlet macaw. Catalina macaws are actually located mainly in bondage. You seldom locate a normally reproduced Catalina macaw in bush.

In bird breeding and hybridization, the father's genetics are most often prevalent. Catalina macaws most often look like scarlet macaws, due to the fact that the man is generally a scarlet.

The Catalina is actually thought about a first-generation macaw hybrid. It was originated from 2 typically developing or "true" birds. Due to the fact that this is actually such a stunning bird, some dog breeders utilize it for breeding a variety of second-generation combination macaws (those from a minimum of one hybrid bird). It is actually additionally somewhat usual to find second-generation Catalinas that are actually a cross between 2 Catalina moms and dads.

The Catalina has added its genetics to several vibrant macaw crossbreeds:

  • Catablu macaw: Catalina intercrossed with a blue as well as gold macaw

  • Camelina macaw: Catalina crossed along with a Camelot macaw (second-generation crossbreed).

  • Camelot macaw: Catalina went across with a scarlet macaw.

  • Fire macaw: Catalina crossed along with a green-wing macaw.

  • Hyalina macaw: Catalina went across along with a hyacinth macaw.

  • Maui sunrise macaw: Catalina crossed along with a buffoon macaw (combination).

  • Milicat macaw: Catalina crossed along with a miligold macaw (crossbreed).

  • Militalina macaw: Catalina went across along with an armed forces macaw.

  • Rubalina macaw: Catalina crossed along with a ruby macaw (combination).

  • Shamalina macaw: Catalina traversed along with a shamrock macaw (combination).


Owners of hybrid macaws get the best of both worlds from their moms and dad types. Those with Catalina macaws explain their birds as being an excellent mix in between the two.

Every bird-- no concern the species-- will definitely possess an one-of-a-kind character that will definitely reflect its own instruction. Some Catalina macaws will definitely become one-person birds.

When you first bring it property, the bird is very likely to be social and accepting of people if it is actually offered to a wide array of individuals. This types may create a good family household pet so long as the kids are actually certainly not also youthful. Educate the bird as well as the children to respect each other from the start.

Very smart, Catalina macaws respond well to instruction as well as could be shown to perform several tricks as well as to speak.

Speech as well as Vocalizations.

Lots of Catalina macaws can easily acquire a vocabulary of around 15 terms and also phrases over their lifetime. They may acquire loud as well as shout when excited, flustered, bored, or even just to let you know the sunlight is actually up. This household pet is actually not likely a suitable prospect if you have close next-door neighbors, such as in an apartment.

Catalina Macaw Colors as well as Markings.

As a whole, hybrid macaws are actually reproduced primarily for their colour attributes. The Catalina macaw possesses a variety of colours and also trends. There are actually minor differences coming from one generation to the upcoming as well.

Most of these birds are actually predominantly reddish or deep orange on their bellies and upper bodies. They have a tendency to possess eco-friendly as well as blue feathers operating down their spines and lengthy rears.

The Catalina appears comparable to the harlequin macaw. The 2 combinations are actually usually wrong for one another. The most notable difference is the Catalina usually possesses the lengthy, tapering tail of the scarlet.

There is no recognizable distinction in between male as well as female Catalina macaws. To tell them apart, you will certainly need to have a DNA test, chromosomal test, or even surgical sexing method. The DNA examination is the absolute most noninvasive possibility.

Caring for the Catalina Macaw.

Being actually social birds, they need to invest enough opportunity connecting along with their proprietors to come to be happy, normal pet dogs. If you are actually hoping to adopt a Catalina macaw, make certain that you have at least 2 to 4 hours to invest with your bird every day. These parrots prosper on interaction and will definitely come to be miserable as well as detrimental if ignored or even ignored.

Just like all sizable parrots, these birds need a huge cage that is no less than 4 feets long as well as broad through 5 feets high. The even more space you may deliver, the better off your bird will certainly be actually. Provide the bird plenty of posts and also playthings to maintain it engaged.

Possible managers need to presume truly about macaw possession. Look at the costs of having a dog macaw. If you can't supply your bird along with the best of everything, assume about waiting to take on one up until you can.

Common Health Problems.

The medical care problems for Catalina macaws are the same as various other macaw types. Some of the extra typical sickness observed in macaws feature:.

Diet and Nutrition.

In the wild, macaws consume an assortment of seeds, vegetations, fruits, and nuts. Like any sort of sizable parrot, nourish a Catalina macaw a diet plan that consists of a high-quality seed and pellet mix, alongside fresh bird-safe fruits and veggies. Each macaw, relying on its own size, will definitely eat about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of parrot mix as well as concerning 1/2 to 3/4 mug of fruits and veggie everyday. You can nourish it when in the early morning upon waking as well as at twilight before it turns in.

Fruits that are great to feed to macaws feature apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, papayas, berries, as well as mangos. Never ever feed avocado; it is actually hazardous to birds.


Catalina macaws need lots of task to sustain top psychological and bodily circumstances. If you want owning a Catalina macaw, you are going to require to supervise your bird for a minimum required of 2 to 4 hours daily as it participates in beyond its own crate. This out-of-cage time is actually important to prevent dullness and also permit the bird to extend its airfoils as well as various other muscle mass correctly.

Provide toys to enrich your bird's task opportunity. Toys can easily feature climbing ropes, chains, alarms, parrot swings, and wood bird playthings that they may grip and eat. Destructible playthings are actually fun for birds since they are active; the bird often specifies a target to defeat the toy. Non-destructible playthings will certainly last longer, however macaws can easily acquire tired along with all of them.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Catalina Macaw.

Breeders sell Catalina macaws in the variety of $3,000 to $5,000. Savings, adopting organizations, as well as dog breeders where you can discover Catalina macaws include:.

  • Use a Pet.

  • Petfinder.

  • Bird Breeders.

The Catalina macaw is a rainbow-colored hybrid parrot that is actually preferred for the traits it discusses along with its moms and dads-- 2 of the most preferred macaw varieties. Those along with Catalina macaws describe their birds as being actually a perfect mix between the two.

Some Catalina macaws will certainly end up being one-person birds. If you are appearing to use a Catalina macaw, make sure that you have at the very least 2 to 4 hours to spend along with your bird every time. If you are actually interested in owning a Catalina macaw, you will certainly require to oversee your bird for a minimum required of 2 to 4 hrs every time as it participates in outside of its own crate.

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